Android 4.3 and Chinese Phones

Recently Google rolled out Android 4.3, which brought with it a big challenge for root access: It is no longer possible for Android apps to call a setuid process. SuperSU has a workaround for that restriction, so you need a recent version for Android 4.3 to continue using root apps. rSAP is affected because I also used a small setuid app which no longer works on 4.3. rSAP version 2.3.3 contains a fix to let the app run with Android  4.3 on the Nexusses.

While all American and European phone makers completely ignore the SIM access profile, it seems to be more popular in Asia. First of all of course Samsung as the largest phone maker further supports it in their phones, recently in the Galaxy S4 Mini. Now more and more Chinese phone makers seem to equip their phones with rSAP. Some phones with Mediatek chipset support rSAP, although I don't know how well it works. Now I found out that the Xiaomi MI2S also supports rSAP out of the box.

It's time for the Americans and Europeans to copy from the Chinese Laughing