Bluetooth Phonebook App

pbabHow Does Bluetooth Phonebook Transfer Generally Work?

There are quite a few Bluetooth profiles that are able to transfer the phonebook from phone to car:

    • Phonebook Access Profile (PBAP) - the most common profile
    • Handsfree Profile
    • IrMC/SYCH Profile
    • remote SIM Access Profile (rSAP) - can only transfer SIM contacts

It's always the car that chooses the profile!


androidWhich Phonebook Profiles does Android Support?

Android supports PBAP and Handsfree for phonebook transfer. Both implementations vary from phone manufacturer to manufacturer. Many implementations also contain more or less serious bugs. 

The Bluetooth Phonebook app replaces the built in PBAP and adds the IrMC profile. Sadly it's not possible to replace the Handsfree phonebook transfer with an app.


carWhich Car Uses Which Profile?

This is nearly impossible to say.It depends on the chosen Bluetooth option and may even change when the manufacturer updates internal components in the car. Recent cars usually support PBAP. Those who don't, most probably use the Handsfree profile.

The easiest way to find out if the Bluetooth Phonebook app is supported by your car is to install the trial version, connect to your car and check the State output. If it doesn't change to connected or last connected to, your car doesn't use the associated profile.



plusAdvantages Of The Bluetooth Phonebook App

    • Less bugs than most Android implementations
    • Choose one or more contact groups for transfer
    • Transfer the contact picture
    • Options to send non-standard data to circumvent bugs in the car
    • Transliteration options for cars which cannot handle non-ASCII or non-Latin characters.