Bluetooth SIM Access Profile App

rsapWhat Is The Remote SIM Access Profile ?

The remote SIM access profile (rSAP) is one of two Bluetooth profiles made for handsfree phone operation in cars. The advantage over the "Handsfree" profile is that the car has a built-in  mobile phone device which connects to the external antenna. This improves receiption quality. Instead of using a separate SIM card the car borrows the mobile's card over a Bluetooth connection.


carWhich Cars Support rSAP?

Support for the remote SIM access is often tied to special Bluetooth options (e.g. VW Premium phone, Audi connect, Porsche car phone, ...). Sometimes it can be added with devices that can be pluged into already existing phone holder (Mercedes SAP, BMW GSM SIA, ...). Often the car phones support both profiles, rSAP and Handsfree.

Some cars also support data connection with their phone hardware to offer features like real-time traffic data, Google Earth map display or an in-car WiFi hotspot.


androidWhich Android Phones Support rSAP?

The first Android phone which supported rSAP was the Samsung Galaxy S. Since then many Samsung phones came with rSAP support out of the box. Recently also LG and HTC phones added rSAP to their firmwares.

If your phone does not support rSAP out of the box, you can add support on many phones with the Bluetooth SIM Access Profile app. See more details on the compatibility page. 


tool iconHow To Install rSAP On Your Android Phone

First of all your phone must be "rooted" to install the Bluetooth SIM Access Profile app. "Rooting" is done differently for every phone, sometimes even for every firmware version, so use your favourite Internet search engine to learn how it's done for your phone.

Be aware that "rooting" may void the warranty on your phone.

To get the app running please read the installation instructions.