The second test version is available for download. The major changes are:

  • Quick fix for socket access rights. Should run with Oxygen ROM now.
  • Service keeps running when connected. Notification in status bar (icon not final...)
  • Basic information in rSAP screen

Please send feedback (positive and negative) with information about phone model, car kit type, ROM type and version to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This test version expires on May, 1.


This is an early pre-release software that should connect to your car kit and work basically but surely contains some bugs.

Install at your own risk!!


 Known bugs include:

  • The phone may be left in a locked state although SIM access is no longer active. Rebooting the phone fixes this problem.
  • When a phone call is active while connecting to the car kit, the call is aborted abruptly.
  • Sometimes the PIN dialog is shown after rSAP is disconnected. Please wait a few seconds. It should disappear automatically.
  • Sometimes the app crashes on startup. Simply restart.

Unimplemented features so far:

  • rSAP service does not yet start automatically after reboot.

Installation instructions are still here.

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