Currently I'm a bit confused. I am pretty sure that a few weeks ago I had a warning in my Play Store developer account page that I should remove the READ_CALL_LOGS permission. The last mail I received stated that apps which still use this permission on March, 9th will be delisted.

Now it's the 13th, the app is still listed and the warning in my developer page is gone. Has Google withdrawn the new policy?


Recently Google changed some conditions for publishing apps in the Play Store which make it necessary to leave:

This means that background processing is hard to acomplish. Both apps implement a Bluetooth profile which should be ready at all times, so it must run in the backgrounnd. With API 26 this is only possible by showing a notification icon (currently optional for rSAP). And you still have to manually except the app from power save functions. If your app tries to automatically remove itself from this list it is immediately banned from Play Store.

This affects the phone book app. It's pretty useless without the possibility to transfer call lists to the car. Of course I tried to get an exception for the phone book app by filling out some "Permissions Declaration Form", but I got as answer:

The declared feature (Connected device companion apps) is allowed; however we determined it to be unnecessary for the core functionality of your app.

I don't understand how Google determines that call logs are "unnecessary for the core functionality" of the phone book app, maybe it is some Google AI :-( I guess Google simply rejects all requests.

So I decided to move my phone book app to Amazon Appstore. It is basically the free trial version with the possibility to unlock full functionality with in-app payment. If you already bought the phone book app in Google Play Store it is also unlocked.

In a few weeks the paid version will be unpublished by Google and I will publish a trial version which informs the user about the full version being available in Amazon App Store.

As soon as the rSAP app needs an update it will also move to Amazon...

Yesterday I received the OTA update for my Galaxy S8 and it looks like Samsung included the fix for the Bluetooth bug - the phonebook app works fine. I hope other manufacturers will also include the fix in their Android 8.0 release.

For all others the problem shoud be fixed with Android 8.1.

I added rSAP support to the LineageOS sources for the Samsung Galaxy S II. It is contained in builds since March 29, 2018.

So if you still use this classic phone you no longer need my app, rSAP works right out of the box :-D

In case of problems use the forum. If I can find the time I'll also add rSAP to the Galaxy S III.

Google once again changed the internals of the Android Bluetooth stack, and guess what: it breaks my phonebook app. It is no longer able to properly stop the built-in phonebook service.

Today I found out that the latest Android source contains a change which once again enables my app. I don't have an idea when that change will be published in an official release or if there may be new Android 8 firmwares in the future which don't contain that fix. Simply check if your car connects to my app, if not you'll probably have to wait for the next firmware update.

And these problems all happen only because Google refuses to add a proper Bluetooth SDP API to the Android SDK. So they work their way from hack to hack. Sad...

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